Innovative Space Communication Satellite Solutions

Space technology enabling industry fastest access to space and space data

InnoSpaceComm developed and deployed a novel communication infrastructure – both on-board the satellites and on the ground. The goal is to provide unique capability for space to ground communication at significantly lower cost to European industry, research and education sectors.

The novelty of the H2020 InnoSpaceComm project delivered to the market outstanding space communication modules and infrastructure. The innovative NanoSat X- and S-band satellite communication modules are software-defined and can be updated and upgraded even during spaceflight. The radios support encryption, diverse protocols and customers benefit significantly from plug & play assembly, mitigating the risk of faulty integration or lowered performance. Key market applications differentiating InnoSpaceComm communication systems from the existing solutions is the capacity to transmit large amounts of data from space at speeds of 120+ Mbps from Low Earth Orbit to the Ground. The modules are compatible with EnduroSat’s Ground Station, thereby providing unprecedented capability for Space-to-Ground (Earth) communication. The 4.5m dish Ground Station is accessible through unique Digital Mission Control and its operations are completely autonomous through a simple cloud interface. Through a specially developed online service, the customers can easily book and schedule the tracking of their satellites. This opens unprecedented access to space for many European entrepreneurs, SMEs educational and research institutions, enabling them to focus directly on data applications and services impacting positively the European society.

X Band Enduro Sat