Kaffe Bueno is a bioscience company upcycling coffee to produce ingredients for the Wellcare industry

Kaffe Bueno has developed an innovative model for upcycling coffee waste into high-value ingredients. Coffee is highly bioactive with huge reservoirs of lipids, prebiotic fibres and antioxidants. Yet we currently use just 1% of its potential. Discarded coffee waste ends up in landfill, producing methane and CO2, or is reused as biofuel or compost. Kaffe Bueno transforms this wasted resource into a business opportunity. We produce high quality coffee oil, prebiotic fibres and antioxidants as sustainable, natural active ingredients, sold B2B to manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products, helping Denmark and the EU meet their targets for carbon reduction by 2030. We aim to valorise 100% of our coffee waste feedstock. In this project, Kaffe Bueno will build and optimise a Pilot biorefinery with the capacity to process 200 tons of coffee waste /year, using our efficient, proprietary process.