PROSION Therapeutics

Redefining Druggability for Cancer and Beyond

PROSION Therapeutics is a biotech & drug development company with a proprietary “LEGO-like” platform, aiming to address highly unmet medical needs by unlocking undruggable protein targets. Starting off in oncology, our mission is to develop new drugs against hard-to-treat diseases and thereby directly improve patients' survival and overall quality of life.


Nowadays cancer therapeutics are almost exclusively marker-specific and often lead to hard-to-stand side effects. In Addition, one significant drawback is that their effect is very often susceptible to mutations, which results in drug resistance and finally relapsing of cancer patients.

Based on a decade of research, PROSION successfully inhibited for the first time a highly sought-after and so far “undruggable” cancer target. By being able to address this fundamental driver of tumor progression, our approach has the potential to deliver game-changing therapeutics for oncology. Furthermore, our technology acts at the very end of cellular metastasis mechanisms and therefore has great chances to fight one of the biggest issues of current cancer therapeutics, namely drug-resistance effects. Recently, breast and pancreatic cancer mouse trials revealed an unprecedented twofold effect of our drug-candidate on tumor progression, not only inhibiting it from growing but also from spreading.