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Sensoneo provides enterprise-grade smart waste management solutions that support the digital transformation of waste management to achieve efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.

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The Sensoneo company was founded in 2017. Since then, this Slovakia-headquartered (mid-European country & member of the EU) tech company has managed to make an incredible journey from highly demanding R&D, testing, and patenting processes to first installations, happy customers, and global expansion. Sensoneo’s smart waste management solution attracted cities and businesses around the world and it is now used in projects in more than 70 countries.

Through its innovative smart waste management technologies that are all results of in-house R&D and produced in the EU, Sensoneo helps customers to cope with the biggest challenges in today’s world of waste management – lack of efficiency and transparency. As an outcome, the solution enables the customers to achieve a 30 – 63% reduction in waste collection routes and 97% accuracy on actual waste production.

The company’s solutions include smart sensors that monitor waste in real-time, advanced tracking and monitoring equipment, and sophisticated software providing digital transformation and data-driven decision making which results in transparent waste streams, optimization of waste collection routes, frequencies, and vehicle loads, and the introduction of easy-to-run incentive programs dedicated to decreasing waste production. The company also provides comprehensive solutions that digitalize, optimize, and automate the complex reverse logistics of post-consumer take-back, recycling, and processing such as deposit return systems.

Sensoneo is very proud of its unique know-how and exceptional expertise in the field of smart waste management which is a result of our profound experience in software development, managing large and complex IT projects, electronic engineering, and hardware design. Our in-house R&D brings to the waste management market top-quality innovations leading to tangible and valuable benefits. The company currently operates in more than 70 countries thanks to the network of its technology and business partners.

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