Onera Ploysomngraphy-as-a-service The end-to-end solution for in-lab and at-home sleep diagnostics

Onera’s innovation uses breakthrough technology to bring gold-standard quality of clinical-grade Polysomnography diagnostics and monitoring directly to the patients’ bed—whether in the hospital, at a sleep lab, or from the comfort of home — measuring and recording multiple physiological parameters related to cardiovascular, respiratory and brain functions.

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Onera’s Polysomnography-as-a-service combines an innovative form factor solution with a powerful cloud technology, enabling physicians to conduct polysomnography anywhere and anytime at minimal efforts, but maximum patient comfort. The user-centric solution offers new opportunities for clinics to expand their sleep programs, and for hospitals that have limited or no access to a sleep clinic to implement sleep diagnostic testing within their institution. Connected by the Onera Digital Health Platform, sleep studies can be easily managed by multiple stakeholders from any computer and data can be securely directed within networks of clinics and providers.

Comfortable and efficient patch-based measuring device

Onera’s patch-based no-wire technology records data from four points of contact, maximizing patient comfort. The sensor can be attached to the body within minutes, offering an unprecedented ease-of-use and comfort to the patient, while saving much valuable time during the set-up and removal of the system.

Designed with new opportunities and scalability in mind

Enabled by its ground-breaking technology, Onera’s PSG as-a-service simplifies a clinical-grade sleep study’s set-up with no upfront investment at a fixed fee per test. As a result, physicians, hospitals, and clinics can scale up their sleep diagnostics and monitoring capacity, extending the services to a larger population in need. Leaving previous operational burden of sleep diagnostic, extended waiting times and low patient’s satisfaction in the past.