SWARM is the dream equipment for a sustainable farming

SABI AGRI is developing the first collaborative electric agroecological equipment: the SWARM. Imagine a fleet of unmanned lightweight robotic vehicles following a leader vehicle driven by a single farmer. SWARM performs all agricultural tasks with a positive environmental impact while increasing efficiency and work output.

A growing portion of cultivated soils is suffering from severe compaction as a result of an intensive use of heavy thermal tractors. And yet, there is no alternative to these tractors, and no other solution can deliver the same level of productivity whilst avoiding compaction and massive CO2 emissions. Consequently, soil productivity is declining threatening food production in the long term.

SABI AGRI develops the first electric agroecological equipment, where up to 4 lightweight robots named ZILUS work together to multiply work capacity whilst being cost-effective and alleviating the ground pressure up to 15 times compared to thermal tractors.

This fleet, named SWARM, is CO2 emission free. It implements agroecological practices for any type of soil cultivation task in alternative to thermal tractors. This is a first timer.

SABI AGRI will scale-up the collaborative robotic technology and industrialize the SWARM before market uptake in the EU and the US.