Catherine Schreiber

Co-founder & Deputy CEO/COO ADVITOS GmbH

Catherine Schreiber

Catherine is co-founder & deputy CEO/COO of ADVITOS (a Munich based medical device scale-up and EIC SME Instrument beneficiary 2019, as well as EIC Accelerator Blended Finance beneficiary 2020).

Together with the founder PD Bernhard Kreymann, Catherine has not only developed the ADVOS multi organ support device from idea to EU market approval, but also build-up ADVITOS from a start-up to now fully compliant medical device manufacturer. Catherine is responsible for strategy development & deployment, as well as fundraising and investor & board relations, in the past her responsibilities included implementing the ISO13485 Quality Management standard and norm compliant software and usability engineering, prototype development for (pre)clinical testing, and project management. Since 2009 Catherine has established the finance, HR and legal departments and successfully closed financing rounds and grant applications, securing the capital needed for the continuous therapy development and business scale-up.

Catherine holds the EIT Women Leadership Award 2022, as well as the Munich Businesswoman award La Monachia 2021.

In her free time, Catherine coaches social projects and early stage MedTech founders; in 2022, she launched and financed a "Mental Strength Program for Founders" to raise awareness and provide practical advice for founders how to keep their mental health in the rollercoaster journey of start-up entrepreneurship. 

She holds a diploma degree in Mechanical/Medical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich and a bachelor’s degree in International Business Management (EMA).

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