Pavan Asalapuram

Founder, Vice-Chairman & Executive Vice-President at EMPE Diagnostics

Pavan Asalapuram

Pavan Asalapuram is a pharmacist by education from prestigious Madras Medical College in India and has got Executive Diploma in Hospital and Health care management, where has exposed to the unmet needs of healthcare systems. Pavan turned to a molecular biotechnologist after obtaining a PhD training in clinical biotechnology. He has got EURINDIA fellowship and came to Sweden for Postdoctoral research to experience cutting-edge technologies of European research and development projects. Pavan has worked with experienced scientists around molecular and biochemical diagnostics at Royal Institute of Technology-KTH, Karolinska University and Stockholm University situated at the Science for Life Laboratory, which is a Swedish national research consortium.

Pavan’s interest to develop cost-effective but reliable health-care solutions, by combining deep technologies into user-friendly diagnostic solutions that can also be used in resource-limited clinics. Pavan played a pivotal role in developing 4 diagnostic platforms, among which 2 are available in the market and the rest, 2 are at the verge of commercialisation. Pavan has published about 15 peer-reviewed scientific articles and holds 3 patents granted.

In the other hand, Pavan’s interest and motivation to bring the laboratory inventions to serve the mankind, especially for the globally deadly infections like tuberculosis has made him an entrepreneur. He has established 3 successful start-ups and raised 13 million funding from investors, funding agencies, etc. which includes FP7 SME-1, EIC-Accelerator, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation project. The first proof-concept-test he developed, is now secured a place in the WHO website under ‘diagnostic pipeline’. Pavan’s lifetime vision is to fight with antibiotic drug resistance by developing clinically useful tools to be used at the first clinical contact points enabling the clinicians to choose correct and necessary antibiotics, and save the world from antibiotic resistance.

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