The historical Tour & Taxis site on the Brussels Canal is the beating heart of the city’s art scene. This vast former industrial site has stood tall since the 19th century and showcases world-renowned cultural events. You can access the venue from Avenue du Port 86c or Rue Picard 13. The event will take place at Shed 2.


How to access by public transport

By Bus

Bus - STIB Check the timetables in real time
Lines: 14, 15, 89 - Stop: Picard
Lines: 14, 15, 57, 88 - Stop: Armateurs

Bus - DE LIJN De Lijn timetables
Lines: 129, 620 - Stop Ribaucourt
Lines: 213, 214, 230, 231, 232, 233, 240, 241, 242, 243, 245, 246, 250, 251, 260 Stop: Molenbeek St Jean - Ribaucourt

By Metro & Tram

Metro Lines: 2 & 6 - Station: Yser or Ribaucourt (10-15 minutes walk) Check the timetables in real time

Tram line: 51 - Stop: Sainctelette (12 minutes walk) Check the timetables in real time

By Train

From Gare du Nord (20 minutes walk)

How to access by public transport
How to access by public transport

By car

Where to park? 
The event parking is accessible from Avenue du Port 88, open 24/7. The fee is 8€ per day, and payment can be made by bancontact or credit card.

1 - Royal Depot
2 - Sheds

3 - Gare Maritime
4 - Hôtel de la Poste
5 - Hôtel des Douanes
6 - Herman Teirlinck
7 - Bruxelles Environnement
8 - Produits Dangereux
9 - Quai aux Poissons

Low emission zone (LEZ) in Brussels

The Brussels-Capital Region is a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). If you’re travelling by car or in a van, check the site to find out if your vehicle is affected.

If your vehicle does not comply with the LEZ access criteria: You can buy a day pass or use one of the many available alternatives to travel in the LEZ. Vehicles registered abroad must first be registered before travelling in the LEZ. Registration is free. Click here for more info.

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